PF2018 Modding and More – (Questions & Answers) PF 2018

PF2018 Modding and More – (Questions & Answers) PF 2018

Since we announced modding support for Pure Farming 2018 and after our AMA on Reddit earlier this week, we’ve had a lot of questions about mods and Pure Farming 2018 in general.

We’ve rounded up a few questions people have been asking us as we countdown the last couple of weeks to release.

Can someone create their own maps, game aspects, and tools as mods? In the video it only showed drivable machinery. Tools and maps i think are very important. -DanHassler0, Reddit

Allowing players to add their own machines to the game is stage one of our plans for modding tools. From listening to players of farming games, we felt that an easy-to-use way to add custom machines was top priority. What we do next with modding tools depends on the players — we’ll be taking their lead on what to work on next.

Will you be able to create mods for Pure Farming 2018 on PS4 too? @benjiboyboi, Instagram

We’re afraid we’re not able to include the modding tools themselves on consoles. Our plan is to pick the best mods on PC and release them to console players as free DLC.

What file formats will the mod tool support? -Andrew Stanford, Facebook

It supports FBX files, a standard format used in several 3D software packages.

Will the game have multiplayer? -Winnetou, Steam Community

Pure Farming 2018 is a single player game. It has been designed to provide many hours of single-player gameplay across three big modes. But we know that people want multiplayer, so we’re planning to begin work on that after we’ve launched the game, as part of our extensive post-release support.

Will you be adding more brands to the game? -Cl4ptr3p, Reddit

We get a lot of questions asking if we’re going to add such and such brand to the game. The short answer is: we’re talking to all of them. We will be releasing more machines after release and our goal will always be to have as many of the big names in there as we can.

Is the “my farm” mode just a tutorial or a proper career mode/campaign?

We’ve spoken about how My First Farm is great for people to learn how to play the game – which is true – but it’s also a full campaign, with a story, side quests, XP to earn and levels to work through. It’s hard to put an exact number on how quickly players will work through it, but you’re looking at around 40 hours of gameplay.

Will vehicle handling be adjusted based on what I’ve seen from YouTube previews? eXtremeAzure, Reddit

Vehicle handling and camera control have been big areas of focus for us since we sent out the preview build. They have been tweaked and we’ll keep working on them right up to release.

Have you made any changes to hired workers since the preview build? -Dejoo, Reddit

Worker AI is one of the areas we’ll be focusing on a lot right up to release, to make them even more reliable and helpful to players. Also something you won’t have seen in the previews is that you can have up to 5 workers at the same time on the Montana map, which is a big help as you gain more and more fields.

Is there a season pass planned, and how many DLC are you planning to do for the first year after the release? -Dejoo, Reddit

It is a bit early to talk about DLC at the moment. We do plan to support the game for a long time and we’ll have detailed info on post-launch DLC coming soon. There’s no season pass.

Will the farmer take breaks for sleeping? -KeltiaVikinga, Reddit

Based on feedback to previews, we’ve added the ability to skip the night and you’ll find that option by approaching the farmer’s house. But this is optional and you can work through the night if you choose.

Are there any incorporated fertilization, manure or weeding systems? And if so, how do they work? -J3r3myKyle, Reddit

Cultivating and fertilizing fields will give you a higher yield. It also depends on field class, so a lower class of field will need more fertlizing to get a good result. You can either use your animals’ manure or you can buy fertlizer.

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